Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Someone peed in my snow - Building Blocks Tuesday

HFWYG - skewed pinwheels
Skewed pinwheels - 5.5 inches square!

HFWYG Grandmother's Choice
Grandmother's Choice block

I have run into a problem.  While trying to catch up on my How Far Will You Go? QAL blocks, I seem to have run out of background material.  I had enough at the beginning, but I've might have used some here and  there for other things - really I have no self control.  Now, before you start shaking your heads or fingers, I actually realized I was running out last week and put in an order.  HOWEVER, when it came, it wasn't the same color.

I've been using Kona Snow, or at least what I thought was Kona Snow, which I ordered a while ago.  When it first came, I joked in my solids group on the 3 x 6 Bee that someone must have peed in my snow, because it wasn't as white as I thought it was going to be (isn't snow white?).  This is also how I got into my head that it was the "Snow" color.   When my package arrived this week, it looked much whiter.  I began to think to myself that maybe I was wrong initially and it wasn't the "Snow" color I had after all.  A smart woman would have checked the color card I have BEFORE placing an order.  I am not necessarily a smart woman.  BUT, I did check the color card after receiving my new fabric.  My old Snow matches the card.  My new Snow does not.  In fact, I am pretty sure that it is PDF White (which I used in Totally Groovy and what do you know, it matches).  So now what?  I was tempted to use the PDF White for the rest of the blocks, but I think it would be a very noticeable difference.  Snow really looks almost ivory, while PDF white is just barely off white.

I contacted Fat Quarter Shop to see what could be done.  They are willing to swap it out, IF I ship it back to them myself (nearly the cost of a yard of Kona, I might add).  I'm not sure it is really worth 2 yards, plus when I checked their site, they were out of Snow yardage completely.

This is the downside to not having a local quilt shop.

So, I have decided to keep the PDF White, and order some Snow from somewhere else.  I have been TRYING to limit my fabric purchases lately, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do!  Plus it gave me a chance to try out a new online retailer!  Of course, it is another purchase and it might land me on the naughty list.

Has this ever happened to you?

Now then, what have you been working on?

Link up your fabulous blocks.  You put a lot of hard work into them - show them off!  And, don't forget, you have all week to add them if you like.
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  1. That's a shame about the mix up. I hope you receive your snow in time, I don't have any of that snow but I do have more than enough of the real thing right about now!

  2. Bugger! I have had that problem - within the same Kona colour! I ordered two different lots of Ash at different times and they are quite different (although at a distance you probably wouldn't be able to tell...) I tend to use Kona PFD most of the time so if I was closer I'd send you some!

  3. Doesn't it make you want to spit?

    This week I've been sent something expensive that I'd actually cancelled, they admit that their email system was at fault, but I've to pay the return postage or keep the item and incur the cost.

    F x

  4. I've had a difference with Kona Sage ordering it in 2 separate batches for one quilt :( though I think this was a problem with the dye lot rather than me being sent the 'wrong' colour. I've also noticed, but not read comments anywhere else, that the 'thickness/weight' of Kona changes across the colour range - to the point where I sometimes wonder if it's not always Kona that I'm sent although the colours have always matched my colour card, I found this particularly with the colour 'wheat'. Another thing is that I find the width can differ by up to 1 to 2" and that makes me really wonder - I'd have thought Kona would have a standard fabric width size across all their solid colour range. Just thoughts to add to the pot!!!

  5. What a pain Jen you should be able to rely upon the colour remaining stable from one purchase to the next. Hope you get your snow soon!

  6. I just about peed my chair reading that title! LoL. Sorry that you've had fabric woes but the blocks are absolutely beautiful!


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