Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Ditz

I have a major case of what I call, "the Holiday Ditz". I am sure I am not alone. You may also be afflicted if you :

1) wonder why your razor isn't shaving, only to discover (at least a leg through) that the plastic cover is still on the blade.
2) have accidentally made coffee with yesterday's grounds
3) have left the house with a plan, but upon entering your store of destination, you can't remember what you are there for.
4) forget your child's name as you are trying to discipline them
5) can't remember your phone number (hey, I never call myself)
6) don't get me started on where I parked the car
7) after making 45 felt mice, you actually forget to take some to one of your kids classes.
8) you still think there is at least 2 weeks till Christmas
9) what's your example?

I have actually done all of those things in the last few days. Goodness knows what will happen this coming week.

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