Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wheel of Fortune and Tilted Star - Building Blocks Tuesday

I should get a shirt that says, "I survived QuiltCon"!  It was a fantastic experience, but a bit exhausting.  I will tell you all about it soon, when I've had a least one good night sleep and perhaps a gallon of coffee.

In the meantime, today I am sharing 2 blocks that I made in one of my classes at QuiltCon, "Advanced Piecing" with Lee Heinrich.

This is the Wheel of Fortune block:

Wheel of Fortune Block

Lee used this block to teach basic paper piecing.

And this is the Tilted Star, which gave us continued practice with paper piecing and taught us partial seams.

Tilted Star block

Both blocks are from the book, Vintage Quilt Revival.

Vintage Quilt Revival Blocks

I must admit that I didn't really learn anything new in the class, and perhaps "Advanced Piecing" wasn't the best title, BUT I really enjoyed Lee's teaching style and I was happy to finally try out a few blocks from this book.  I've had it for ages and just haven't gotten around to giving it a go.  Now that I have, I can't decide if I want to make a whole quilt from these blocks, or do a sampler and try out the others in the book.

What blocks have you working on this week?  I would love to see.  Link up your fabulous blocks.  You put a lot of hard work into them - show them off!  This free linky will stay open until the first Monday of next month, but I will repost it every Tuesday until a new month starts.

Quilter in the Closet


1) Please link up only to the page in your blog showing your wonderful blocks, not just the blog homepage.  Flickr pictures are also OK.
2) Make sure to put your blog name as the description so people know where they are going or the name of your block!
3) Please grab my button and post it in your blog post or sidebar.
4) Visit other linky participants!

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