Sunday, February 8, 2015

Inspirational Sunday (1) via the Quilts exhibit at Muzeo 2015

I know most of us enjoy a good quilt show.  Seeing hundreds of quilts hanging in one place is inspiration overload, and let's not forget browsing the booths to add, oh so more, to our fabric stashes.  However, there are other venues to see gorgeous quilts.

This past Thursday, I ventured down to Anaheim to visit the Muzeo museum.  My father-in-law sent me a link before Christmas that they were having an exhibit entitled "Quilts".  I really didn't have time just prior to Christmas, but lucky for me the exhibit was still available when some time freed up this past week.  Can I just say, what a delightful experience!

Bird in the Air by Salome Thorpe

I hope all the HST's I've been saving can go into a quilt half as awesome as this one!

Birds in the Air by Salome Thorpe c. 1845

I don't quite have 7168 pieces saved, but I'm getting closer every time I make flying geese (I sew the trimmed ends together to make HST's).

Unlike the Road to California quilt show (which I will share pics of a few Sundays from now), this exhibit of quilts was cozy.  I didn't have to elbow anyone out of the way to catch a glimpse of a quilt or feel like I was imposing if I lingered in front of an info sheet for longer than a minute.

Yo-yo, Maker Unknown

The place was not empty, it just wasn't crowded.  It was so refreshing to be able to stroll along from one quilt to another.  And you can get really close too, to inspect all those tiny stitches (or tiny yo-yo's in this case).

Yo-yo, maker unknown

I also really appreciated that the informational plaques beside each quilt actually taught me things about the quilt, the maker, the textiles used, etc.  It was fascinating.

Stars by Hattie Ellen Vermillion c. 1938

I also really enjoyed seeing imperfect quilts that had been actually used, rather than made for show.  It made me feel warm inside knowing that some of the quilts had kept someone warm and that warmth endured time.

Stars by Hattie Ellen Vermillion c. 1938

If you have a chance to view a quilt exhibit at a museum, please go!  While there might not be as many quilts hanging as a quilt show (unless the museum is specifically for quilts), there is an intimacy that you just don't get at the shows.

And if you think that it is just antique quilts hanging in these museum exhibits, think again!

Trina Dancer by Linda Anderson, 2014

This is just one of several art quilts that was in the exhibit.  "Trina Dancer" by Linda Anderson of La Mesa, CA.

Trina Dancer by Linda Anderson of La Mesa, CA 2014

I loved being able to get close to see all the fabulous FMQ on this one.

If you are in the Southern California area and want to see these quilts up close too, you better hurry, the Muzeo exhibit is open until February 15th.

I will show a few more of the lovely quilts I got to see at Muzeo in next Sunday's post.  I hope you will visit me again then to see what I have to share.   After that I plan to tackle all the quilting eye-candy I saw at the Road to California show a couple of weeks ago.  As in the past, I will have to break that show into a bunch of posts.  There was just too much to see and share to squish it into a handful of posts.

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  1. Oh gosh Jen, they are fab - all really intricate work! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Very beautiful! One day I would love to go to a showlike this one!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful and inspiring - those tiny yo-yo's.. wow!


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