Friday, August 22, 2014

Another Tinker Tote - a finish Friday

I've made another Tinker Tote from the Craftsy class,  "Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork Bags with Tara Rebman" . It seems these fun little totes are becoming my "go-to" handmade gift this year.  This one is for Arianna, who is visiting from Italy.

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Tinker Tote #4, front

It takes me about 3 days to make one of these bags.  Usually around the time I making the bias binding, I start thinking about how I probably could have made a simple quilt in the same amount of time.

Tinker Tote #4, back

But, since Arianna will likely not have room for an entire quilt in her luggage anyway, I am happy I made her this bag instead.

Tinker Tote #4, front

Her favorite color is blue.  I had to add in some aqua scraps to fill out the bag.  I hope they make it "interesting" and not just "weird".

If you want to make your own Tinker Tote (cough, Patti), I highly recommend  "Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork Bags with Tara Rebman" - I reviewed the class HERE.   I also talk about the adjustments I made to the pattern for my 2nd bag  HERE.

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  1. There is nothing weird about this bag - I love it! Well done!

  2. Great bag Jen, I like the aqua additions :)

  3. Love the bag. THe aqua really works in it. This may be a class I look into as I need a (few) new bag (s) xxx

  4. it is such a great bag - a brilliant present :-)

  5. Simply gorgeous! Love the wee wander in it :)

  6. It's really beautiful! Every little piece of fabric is a joy!

  7. Another great tote, Jen! I will definitely get to it soon! Lol!

  8. Beautiful! I think the extra pieces of aqua are perfect with the other fabrics. What a wonderful gift. Thanks for linking to TGIFF.

  9. Oh, this one is really nice! Love colour combinations! And seems rather practical as well, so, indeed, that will be a great present.

  10. I love this bag! I've even bought the lesson, but I haven't got that far into it yet!


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