Sunday, December 29, 2013

Inspirational Sunday (14) - via the 2013 International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

I think we need some shiny inspiration in time for the New Year!  What do you say?

I think this first one is just gorgeous!  It is called "Lux Aurumque" by Jacquie Harvey of West Beckham, Holt, United Kingdom.  Her design source was a Queen Ann silk embroidered bed cover.  It is wholecloth, hand quilted, embroidered, couched and uses trapunto.

"Lux Aurumque" by Jacquie Harvey of West Beckham, Holt, UK

She says, "I am a wholecloth hand quilter with a great interest in historical quilt designs.  English wholecloth quilts are traditionally made in one or two colours.  I wanted to try this out myself, but by hand.  I had not used embroidery stitches in a quilt before but this gave me an idea of how to use threads to introduce the colour I wanted.  I used many different thicknesses of embroidery and quilting thread.  The centre has been quilted and the outer border has been trapunto'd with wool.  The title means "light and gold" which I thought was very appropriate."

"Lux Aurumque" by Jacquie Harvey, close up

Just look at all those tiny hand stitches.

The next quilt is actually a set of quilts called "Odin's Trilogy" by Linzi Upton of Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  It won the Merit Quilting Award - Third Place.  It is an original design which she freehand wholecloth quilted.

"Odin's Trilogy" by Linzi Upton of Aberdeenshire, Scotland

She says, "Odin's Trilogy is a triptych of wholecloth quilts inspired by Norse carvings.  Metallic fabrics give the effect of hammered precious metals valued by Viking traders and warriors.  The pieces comprise a protective battle shield, warrior's helmet, and Odin's raven-headed war hammer.  Quilting motifs were adapted from ancient carvings representing water, power and life."

Here is each one, a little closer.

"Odin's Trilogy" by Linzi Upton, close up of bronze

"Odin's Trilogy" by Linzi Upton, close up of silver

"Odin's Trilogy" by Linzi Upton, close up of gold

I hope your New Year's is super sparkly!

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