Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Change of Plans???

I need your help deciding on the background for my Hands2Help quilt.  I had planned to use white, as the pattern called for, and had it all cut and everything; but then my border fabrics arrived and I started to second guess myself.  Plus, I was using slightly different fabric than the pattern called for anyway, me make my final decision, please!

Here is the white.  I am a little concerned that my lighter bees will not look as nice.  And, does someone going through chemo really want a mostly white quilt??  Yet, the picture of the pattern does look very cheer-y in white.

Or, I just happened to order this aqua for a later project, but I could just as easily use it now.  Problem is, I have aqua bees.  Do they show up enough or just blend into this background?

Here is the white next to my planned border fabrics:

And here is the aqua:

Well, what do you think?

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  1. of course, it's hard to tell on the screen...but I prefer the white and I think the border is fine... although I'd also consider switching out the gold (? looks beigey) for something a bit brighter.


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