My Quilts

Here are the quilts I have made...

2016 - A slow year.  I guess we were having too much fun as a family in the new house.

2016 finishes

1. Improv Christmas Wreath quilt, 2. Blue Wee Wander quilt - already on DD's bed, 3. Friends of the Forest - all quilted, 4. Wee Wander Pink quilt back, 5. Rainbow road, 6. Finished pillow, 7. Wee Wander Spanish Tiles in Pink, 8. Another Les Amis baby quilt, 9. Tookie helping me display my Christmas placemats

2015 - It turns out that taking several months off to move, means you have fewer finishes at the end of the year.  I did make some very fun quilts, just fewer of them, and mostly for swaps.

2015 finishes

1. Fancy Fox Mini for Schnitzel & Boo Mini Swap, 2. Feather Quilt Finished!, 3. Bionic Gear Bag for Hubby, 4. Tula Pink Mini Quilt Swap item (back), 5. Bionic Gear Bag (giveaway), 6. Tula Pink Mini Quilt Swap item - front, 7. Rainbow Mini Swap item, 8. Butterfly Mini Quilt, 9. 8 Carat Star block, 10. Spring Fling Mini Swap item, 11. Finished tote for Outlander craft swap, 12. Untitled, 13. RW&B New York Beauty Quilt, 14. Cotton and Steel Mini Swap item, 15. Untitled

2014 - finally at a close.  I didn't make as many large quilts this year, but some of the mini's I made were more intricate.

2014 Finished Quilty Items

1. IG Mini Quilt Swap item, 2. Hexy flag quilt, 3. Doll Quilt Swap 14 finish, 4. Sunset Boulevard, 5. 15 Shades of Gray mini, 6. Michael Miller Challenge quilt close up, 7. Monet Inspired wall quilt, 8. Doll quilt turned wall hanging or sewing mat, 9. Discontinuity 2, 10. finished shams, 11. Montana state mini, 12. Washington DC mini, 13. Ashley's 1st Communion Banner, 14. Massachusetts Mini, 15. Tinker Tote #4, front, 16. Mondrian inspired modern mini quilt, 17. New York state mini, 18. Alber's inspired modern mini, 19. Louisiana State mini, 20. Rothko inspired modern mini, 21. guitar block with skinny border, 22. Les Amis zip pouch, 23. CA poppies for Veena, 24. Houses of San Francisco, 25. tiny log cabin pincushions, 26. EKG Valentine Mug Rug, 27. Beginner Quilt Along - finally finished, 28. OBW finished, 29. Divided Basket, 30. Tinker Tote teacher gift

2013 - started off well and finished up with some bigger items.  I like it!

2013 finished projects

1. Discontinuity 1, 2. For my Valentine, 3. Blue OBW w/seagull, 4. HFWYG quilt top 1.2, 5. Winter Mug Rug Swap, 6. Les Amis top, 7. Mood mug rugs front, 8. Daffodil mug rug, 9. Jungle Path, a baby boy quilt, 10. Jungle Path backing, 11. Hands2Help 2013 - blue and white Jacob's Ladder, 12. Robin, a McKenna Ryan pattern, 13. Say it With Flowers, 14. Say it With Flowers Close Up, 15. Handstitched Medallion Quilt, 16. Summerville DP table topper 1, 17. Candy corn table runner closer, 18. Sewing Mat, 19. Helpers turned models (Gigantor quilt), 20. Commission quilt, 21. Commission quilt back, 22. Giant Chevron closer up, 23. Handstitched Medallion Front, 24. Front of Tinker Tote 2, 25. Tinker Tote front

2012 - my first year as a blogger

2012 complete quilts mosaic

1. Urban Nine Patch Table Runner, 2. Teacher quilt, 3. IMG_0412, 4. finished quilt, 5. IMG_0815, 6. Itty Bitty Mug Rug, 7. Rollercoaster / Easter table runner, 8. Mom's peacock quilt, 9. Peak Hour Quilt, 10. Leaf table runner, 11. Batik stripe in focus, 12. Totally Groovy, 13. Olivia's Quilt front, 14. birthday mug rug, 15. November FMQ Challenge Front, 16. October FMQ Challenge, 17. Vintage Holiday front, 18. December Free Motion Front, 19. Front of April FMC w/filler, 20. September FMQ Challenge, 21. May FMQ back, 22. Front January FMC, 23. Front March FMC, 24. August FMC - front

2011 - There was at least a 9 month period between 2010 and 2011 that I didn't do anything quilting related.  I think they call that a "hiatus", yes?

1. Mom's One Block Wonder, 2. Gram's bird quilt, 3. Owl quilt 1

2010 - the magical year I took my first quilting class and started this journey: 2 lonely quilts



  1. Cute, Cute quilts!! The colors for the stack n wack are not me either - but the quilt is really pretty and laid out very well. Good job!

  2. I love the attention to detail on the backs.

  3. I am in a beginners quilt class working on my first quilt. You have inspired me with your talent and beautiful quilting!!!


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