Thursday, October 31, 2019

Has it really been over two years since I've blogged?

Wow!  Yes, yes it has.

What happened?  Well, I got majorly burnt out.  Two years ago, I was preparing to be the featured quilter in our local quilt show and I was quilting, quilting, quilting to have enough to showcase.  Some of the projects I finished were intense!  Like this Aviatrix quilt:

Aviatrix quilting, nearly done

I burned the midnight oil, the candles at both ends, burned rubber, etc., and completely burned myself out.  I could barely look at my studio and sewing machine afterward.  Taking a break turned into a year-long hiatus before I made a few feeble attempts at getting back into things.  At that point, I took a couple of classes to try to jump-start my inspiration and motivation, but only managed to finish one of the projects from one of the classes and almost completed another.

Painted Quilt - food still life

Then I thought, "Hey!  Maybe making a quilt for someone else will get back my mojo."  So, I took on this quilt:


I enjoyed making it, but I still didn't feel like I wanted to quilt regularly again - until now.

What fabulous project has woken me from my motivational hibernation, you ask?  Would you believe it is a One Block Wonder?  Yep, I'm going back to one of the first quilt design techniques I tried as a newish quilter.  My quilt guild formed a One Block Wonder group last month and I couldn't resist.  I went out and bought enough fabric to make 4 quilts and I've already cut up my first one!

By the way, can you imagine not even buying fabric for 2 years?  My husband probably thought he got an unexpected raise from all the extra money in our accounts.

This time around, I'm experimenting with using a panel for my OBW.  I got some fabulous tips and inspiration from Jackie O'Brien's website If These Threads Could Talk - gallery   OH My!  If you have time, please do check out her gallery.  She is an instructor of the technique and is very generous with her tips, some of which I wish I read before I started cutting my first panel.

Here is a pic of my initial progress.  I am so excited to see how it turns out! 

OBW in process

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Welcome back Jen. I too have not blogged but still have my reading list that I follow and you are still on it. Love your Aviatrix quilt and sorry it burnt you out. I too have started a One Block Wonder quilt-OMG aren't they so much fun. Mine is up on the design wall. Did you know there is a one Block WonderFacebook Group?

  2. good too see you back and again I have not blogged for over 2 years but stull look to see wHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING. fPRTUNATELY THOUGH NOT BLOGGING i AM STILL QUILTING

    good to see you back and being productive. Like you it is over 2 years since I blogged though do still read other peoples blogs and I am still quilting

  3. Well, now, you’re returning to quilt blogland with a Big Bang! And it’s nice to see you! Welcome back. Your Aviatrix quilt is incredible! I’d sure like to see a picture of the whole quilt, just saying. I’m quite smitten with your aqua/teal improv quilt. Again, a full size photo would be so inspirational to view. And that panel quilt.....OMG! I sincerely hope this isn’t a tease post with no follow up because I’d truly love to watch it’s progress and to see it grow. It’s amazing! Thanks for the link to Jackie’s site!


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