Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Decisions - going forward

When I last posted, I was contemplating quitting the blog.   I'm not, but I am not going to continue in the same way that I was previously.

When I first started this blog, I was a different person.  Well, that's not exactly accurate.  I was a person with different things going on in my life.  In fact, when I started quilting and later this blog, I think I was still in my adjustment period in my transition to being at home full time.  I am not going to debate who does more - working moms or stay at home moms.  All I know is that when I first started being at home, I felt like I had some time to fill.  I filled that time with quilting and blogging.  Back then it was easier too, with small kids that napped or when to preschool for some of the day.

My life is no longer like that.  Sure, my kids go to school now,  And one would think I would have even more free time, but I have found new ways to fill my time and feel busier than ever.  Somehow, the time to quilt and blog has dwindled significantly.  While quilting has remained a "fun" and "relaxing" activity in my mind as something to do when I do get the chance.  Blogging has become more of an obligation, and that is not what is supposed to be.  I don't want you to read the negativity between the lines of any of my posts.  When I look back at the posts I've written in the last few months, all of them seem negative.  I want to get back to the upbeat and excited posts.....but I have to feel that way when I'm writing them in order for them to convey those feelings.

So....for now.....I am going to only blog when I feel that way; when I have something exciting to share; when I have some happy news tell you.  I'm also going to remind myself that a blog is supposed to be an online journal.  Somedays, I may have a lot to write.  Somedays I might have two lines.  Sometimes it might be hours between posts, others months.  (I think initially, my posts will be less frequent).  Basically, I'm going to write when I want to write.

Ironically, I have some things today that I am excited to share!!

First, we took a family trip to Italy for Spring Break and had a truly marvelous time.


I posted a bunch of pics on my Instagram feed during our trip, and I will probably make my Flickr album public shortly.

The trip was amazing.  The kids got along.  The adults got along.  We saw so many wonderful things.  We ate like kings.  We visited family.  And we had fun as a family.  It was excellent.  We are already talking about our next Spring Break.

Second, when we got back, I repacked my bags and went on a quilting retreat!  It was just what I needed.  I felt like I hadn't touched anything sewing related in months, and after a long journey, I needed a little down time to craft.

I finished up my Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake Challenge.  I made this little mini:

Riley Blake Challenge Quilt

It didn't turn out exactly like I envisioned, but I like it.  I think a couple of the ladies at retreat wanted to take it home with them.

I also took my Aviatrix quilt kit with me to start cutting.  I almost got through all the cutting before it was time to leave.  It was a LOT of cutting!!!  I have since finished up the cutting and will start piecing things together when I have some time.  I'm not rushing myself!

Third, I have started a new diet.  Typically, I am not one to diet.  However, I wasn't feeling very well before our trip and I had the feeling it was something that I was eating.  I felt great while in Italy, but they have different food requirements/laws and seemed to have a lot less processed food (we barely ate anything processed while there).  When I returned, within a day or two I was already not feeling great again.

I happened across a post on Facebook about the Whole 30 and looked into it.  The drastic reduction of food categories actually appealed to me.  You basically only eat meat, veggies, fruit and healthy fat.  No sugar, no dairy, no grains, no legumes, no alcohol.   I suppose I could have randomly chosen a few things in my diet to test if they were making me feel bad, but eliminating nearly everything for 30 days and slowly reintroducing things seems to be a better approach for me.   I don't care so much about weight loss, I just want my body to feel better and my brain to feel better about what I am eating.  Have any of you done the Whole 30?

I am only on Day 3, and I am already feeling better.  Not completely cured, but better all the same.   I hope that things continue.

That's it for now.  I can't tell you when my next post will be, but I hope you pop back by periodically to say hello.

Keep quilting!



  1. My blog sure is different from when I started to today. My writing voice has changed, my audience has changed. I think that is why I love the platform - it is flexible.
    Love, love, Italy, I hope to return some day.
    I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself and my eating habits about a year ago - polyps were discovered on my gall bladder. The choice was to remove it or go on a restricted diet. I opted for the latter.
    While I can't say I haven't missed fried food, I feel so much better eating more fruits and vegetables (or trying to).
    I'm pretty sure I found you through the New Quilters Blog Hop.
    Pop by for a visit some time

  2. This definitely shouldn't be any obligation. "See" you next time you pop back in.

  3. Excellent decision! That's how I blog, and it works out great! I'm glad that's what you decided! Italy! How fortunate that you were able to make such an adventure happen! And a quilt retreat? Hmmm, that stems on being spoiled.......and that's okay! Sounds as though you had a fantabulous time! Enjoy your evening! XO

  4. Wonder if you have a wheat allergy? good you're trying to figure it all out.

  5. I've have never tried Whole 30 but I'm very tempted. I have the time to make it happen, I just need to spend the time (and money) in that area instead of in others. I'm usually a once a week grocery shopper and that's hard to do on Whole 30. Good luck!

  6. You definitely need to only blog when you feel like it !! I think there are a lot of people doing the same especially with so many other forms of social media now !!
    I did the whole 30 last year and loved it !! I found organisation and planning were key to doing it successfully and the reintroduction is important as that's where you pick up foods that might not agree with you 😊

  7. I so understand re your blog, I too do not post reguarly that is due to lazines! Not sure how some post everyday.
    Good to read the trip to Italy was enjoyed by all loved it when I went to Sorrento. Fingers crossed that your new diet keeps you feeling well and look forward to your next blog.
    Mini quilt is lovely

  8. I am delighted that you are not giving up the blog Jen, I shall be happy to read your posts as and when you publish them. We have had some wonderful holidays in Italy, even the food in the motorway services is fresh and delicious, you have to love a country with that attitude :)

  9. Hi Jen, I feel my blog has two purposes - an "aide memoire" for me- if I want to show someone something I've done I can easily find it on the blog; and to share what I've made with friends, (mostly Jackie in Ireland) I never look at the statistics! HOWEVER, I view other blogs very differently! I follow very few now, but I follow those whose work inspires me or whose work is so beautiful that to see it brings me joy. Yours does both! I don't always comment, (and you don't always reply) but I do always look! Your piecing and quilting are as stunning irl as in the pictures - please don't stop allowing us to see what you are doing!!!!

  10. I was just having the same thought in regards to blogging -- that it seems like a chore at times and is becoming less enjoyable. it doesn't help that my technologies are fighting making it easy. I have noticed quite a lot of blogs lately are the "oh I haven't blogged in forever postings" and sometimes they feel very forced. I hope to see happy thoughtful posts from you soon

  11. Jen, sounds like you have made good decisions all around. Enjoy reading your post, and it will be wonderful to know you enjoy writing them. Glad you are going to keep quilting. I too have had some stomach issues, so maybe I'll look in the the Whole 30 too! There is enough negative so glad you are positive😘


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