Tuesday, February 7, 2017

30-ish Day Check In for the 100 Day Challenge

Welcome back to the 100 Day Challenge!  I am excited to see what progress you have made on your 3 goals!

First let me apologize for the tardiness of this check in; we are a few days past the 30 day mark.  I've been having some computer problems.  I hope they are remedied and will not cause any further delays.

So?  How is it going?  How far have you progressed on your goals?

I must admit that I haven't gotten as far as I hoped, but I keep telling myself that just starting is progress.

My 3 things:

1) Update the blog - I haven't done any of this.  Computer problems weren't the only reason.
2) Aviatrix Medallion Quilt - I've gotten out the fabric and pattern, but need to make the templates and start cutting (which hasn't happened).
3) Finish Batik Tile Quilt - This is the one goal I have made progress on!  I completed all the blocks needed, and put the top together.  I even made a backing and put it on the frame.  There all progress stopped.  I actually need to put it back on the frame since my cat, Tookie, chose to lay on it while we were gone for the weekend and the pins holding it to the leaders just couldn't take her weight!

Batik tile - flimsy complete

So there you have it!  My progress.

If you just stumbled upon this today, you can still join up.  To recap, we are shortening up the timetable for those New Year's Resolutions so we don't conveniently forget about them over the course of the year.  100 days is just long enough to accomplish something BIG and short enough that keeping the momentum/motivation going should be easier.  You can check out the Kick off post HERE, but you can also join in below.  Your time will be a bit shorter than the 100 days, but all are welcome!

Thanks for reading,



  1. 1. Finish Crazy Modern Wall quilt - DONE! Hanging on the wall!
    2. Quilt the CA Kaffe quilt - not done...yet!
    3. Start the Jack's Chain quilt - barely! I'll have more progress on that next time!
    I tried to figure out how to make it so I am no longer a 'no reply' person, but I couldn't figure it out!! Sorry!

  2. You have made more progress than I have Jen, and I don't have any excuses!

  3. Nearly there with your batik tiles, zou can do it!

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  5. Every little effort helps towards your goals.

  6. So I feel that i am doing pretty good with this so far -- I have been able to 1. keep up with the ongoing challenges (APQ, scrap color, bee blocks and traveling quilts.)
    2. have 5 completions in 100 days -- January actually had 7 completions and this month has had 1 so far but I also have 3 things ready for longarming so I can practice my new skill
    3. Rehome my scrapbook supplies to someone that will use them -- no progress yet on this one

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