Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Friday Weekend Sale at Craftsy

I hope the Thanksgiving weekend is treating everyone well.  I just happened to be shopping online last night and I noticed that Craftsy is having one heck of a sale on their classes through Sunday.  It looks like they most are $17.99 or less!  It might be worth checking out.

It has been a while since I've advertised any Craftsy sales -- Please remember that I am a Craftsy affiliate and if you purchase a class after clicking through my links, I do earn a small commission.

I ended up getting the Lori Kennedy class, "Divide and Conquer" and Christina Cameli's class "Wild Quilting".  They look pretty good.

And don't forget, you can gift any class - for those friends and relatives that are so hard to shop for.

Happy Shopping.


***This post may contain affiliate links.  If you purchase something after clicking on one of my links, I may be compensated, but at no additional cost to you!


  1. I did not see this post, ,but did take advantage of the sale. Taking hand appliqué by Mimi Dietrich sorry could not get commission for you.
    Are you going to do the 100 day challenge this year? I have keep one of my three going all year. Press instead of ironing and I think of you. It has really helped my blocks be the right size.

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