Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Guest Host #5 - Building Blocks Tuesday

Aloha again!

Please take a minute (or several) to hop on over to our next Guest Host for Building Blocks Tuesday. This week, Stephanie at Patch + Dot is hosting, and she has such a fresh, clean and modern eye, that I can't wait to see what she has to share.

Olivia Boogie Boarding

We continue to have a great time on our holiday.  Olivia, in particular, has really taken to enjoying all the ocean has to offer in the way of entertainment.

Olivia Boogie Boarding

It is difficult to get her to come out of the water for meals and rest!

If you are wondering what the blue thing is sticking up out of the board, it is actually a little built in snorkel mask so she can see the fishes swimming under her.  The condo that we are staying at has a lot of sea turtles just off the beach, and they are especially fun to look at.




  1. Looks like someone is having a great time :)

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