Sunday, April 19, 2015

Inspirational Sunday (6) - via Road to California 2015

Today, and probably next Sunday, I thought I would share a few of the quilts from the Art Pictoral category at Road to California.  I think you will agree they are stunning.

First up is the winner of the category, a quilt called "Beneath My Wing" by David M. Taylor of Steamboat Springs, CO.

"Beneath My Wing" by David M. Taylor of Steamboat Springs, CO

David says, "From the moment I saw Inge's stark, dramatic photo of a mother swan protecting her cygnet beneath her wing, I knew I had to recreate the moment with Applique and quilting, and lots of "white" fabrics."

The details on the feathers are just amazing!

Second place went to this lovely quilt, called "The Landing" by Joanne Baeth of Bonanza, OR.

"The Landing" by Joanne Baeth of Bonanza, OR

She says, "The challenge was to create Canadian geese in different positions of flight as they came in for a landing.  Over 1500 pieces were cut out, shaded, fused, and stitched-one feather at a time."

I think she did a marvelous job of capturing the geese in flight, even down to the awkward way they stick out their feet to slow themselves down.

Third place went to this stunning quilt, called "Fancy Shawl Dancer" by Linda C. Anderson of La Mesa, CA

"Fancy Shawl Dancer" by Linda C. Anderson of La Mesa, CA

She says, "Having seen local Indians dance with this eye-stopping dress and mesmerizing movement reflecting a butterfly, I knew I had to capture that feeling and motion.  The dark sky makes me think of dream catchers in the southwest, as well as starry, starry night by Van Gogh.  I used 100% cotton and hand painted all the fabric used.  I machine stitched the raw edged applique."

Here is a close up.

close up of "Fancy Shawl Dancer" by Linda C. Anderson of La Mesa, CA

I do like those circular motifs in the background, and I think she did an excellent job on the shadow (silly, I know).

Next week, I will share a few quilts that will make you do a double-take wondering if they are actually photographs!

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