Sunday, November 2, 2014

Voting time - Blogger's Quilt Festival

Voting started yesterday!  I hope you will pop on over to the main page on Amy's Creative Side and click through to each category to vote.  There are some truly amazing quilts this year.  I had to mop up a puddle of drool after looking through them.

Just a quick tip - vote for your favorite in each category first.  Most of the categories give you 3 votes, but I had at least one category only give me one vote when I was expecting 3 and I didn't get to vote for my favorite.

I'm entered in the Large Quilt category with my "Oh Say Can You See" quilt:


And the Modern quilt category with "Modern Grace".

Discontinuity 2

Thanks for reading and considering me for your vote,


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  1. Thanks for the voting tip x (I'll be looking out for these two: I love them both!)


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