Friday, June 13, 2014

Teacher gifts - a Friday finish

Just in the nick of time!  Seems to be a continuing trend for me.  I had gotten all the way through to the last step of finishing up this bag - the binding - and stopped.  It wasn't until Wednesday that I realized, "Oh yeah! Tomorrow is the last day of school; I better finish up those teacher gifts."

They did get finished, but not perfectly......

Tinker Tote teacher gift
Quilter in the Closet teacher gifts: Tinker Tote with beach goodies included

I finished up this Tinker Tote for Lizzy's kindergarten teacher, filled it with stuff for the beach (a beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, reading material, and a beach hat), and photographed it.  Then I left to pick up the kiddos from school, and it wasn't until I was driving around that I randomly started thinking about the straps of this bag.  I dawned on me that I put them together wrong.  DOH!  It's only the 3rd Tinker Tote that I've made, and looking through the old pictures, I think I made the 2nd one with the same mistake.  Clearly, despite watching the class (Craftsy- Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork Bags) as I made it, and referring to the notes, I completely missed that.

There was no time to fix it, so I had to give it as is.  Hopefully, she will enjoy it all the same.

I also made a Divided Basket (pattern from Noodlehead) for Ashley's 2nd grade teacher who is expecting a baby during the summer.  I filled her basket with diapers (of course), a few other little baby trinkets, and a copy of Outlander: A Novel by Diana Gabaldon (affiliate link).  I included a little note of warning on the book.  I have no trouble including others in my Outlander addiction, as long as they are forewarned.

Teacher Gift
Quilter in the Closet teacher gifts: Divided Basket with baby items
I used up some Kokka fabric that I bought about a year ago.  The teacher has a "woodland" themed nursery, so I thought it was cute.  The lining of the basket also has some more hedgehogs.

Divided Basket
Quilter in the Closet teacher gifts: Divided Basket (pattern by Noodlehead)
Cute right?  What is is about hedgehogs?

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  1. Nice! I'm sure they will be impressed with these goodies.

  2. As you know we have a thing about hedgehogs too (did you finish making the animal book?). The bag looks lovely to me! I have bought the lesson, just need to work out hiw to get it onto the iPad!

  3. Love these thoughtful gifts, I'm sure they were just thrilled. By the way, I am SO addicted to the Outlander series. I've read the first three and I'm re-reading the first one because the TV show is starting soon on Showtime and I want to compare them. I can't wait!!

  4. I'm thinking those are some really lucky teachers Jen! Pretty and thoughtful too!


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