Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Huge Craftsy Sale and a mini-class review

If you are one of the millions of people who start their holiday shopping this week, don't forget to stop by Craftsy.  They are having a huge sale NOW through Monday.  Fabric and yarn is already heavily discounted (Craftsy Yarn and Fabric sale up to 80% off from 11/27-12/2!), and classes will be if they aren't already (my link says the sale starts on Friday, but when I visit the site it looks like the sale is already live) Craftsy Class Sale up to 66% off from 11/29-12/2!

While this sale does appear to be THE time to stock up on classes for yourself (cough, cough, I mean you loved ones), I also wanted to share that they have recently added several new FREE classes!  I had some time earlier in the week to go through the new Learn How To Piece, Patch, Quilt Class: Basic Quiltmaking Skills.  It is great for beginners!

The class covers:
  • selecting, preparing and cutting fabric
  • designing a layout
  • sewing and pressing
  • sashing and borders
  • layering and basting
  • tying or machine quilting your quilt
  • hand quilting
  • binding***
The class even comes with 3 super easy quilt patterns.

I really thought the class was excellent and covered more than just the basics.  My only "bummer moment" came at the binding section.  The instructor does show you how to put a binding on, but it is NOT a continuous mitered binding.  This seems strange to me since it is the type of binding most people seem to use and she already covers how to join strips with a bias seam (the same technique used to make continuous binding strips).  I was surprised they didn't just go ahead and show you how to miter the corners, but perhaps they thought the joining of the ends would be too difficult??  Who knows?  Other than the binding section, the rest of the class is great and I recommend it to any beginners out there.

There is also a new free class for Longarmers called, A New Look at Longarm Quilting with Mandy Leins , which I didn't get as much out of since I am NOT a longarmer.  And a Free Pizza Making Class, which I haven't checked out yet, but definitely need to!  We made homemade pizza with the kids last week using a recipe I found online and it did not turn out that well.  Hopefully, this class will straighten out what went wrong.

I hope you all have a really delightful Thanksgiving, and those of you venturing out to battle the shopping crowds on Friday, be safe!!

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  1. Oh geez! I bought 5 new classes myself! I may have to join a support group.

  2. Will have to check out the sale Jen to see if any of the classes I have my eye on are reduced! Not that I need to sign up for another class but, hey, a bargain is a bargain :)

  3. Woohoo, I love Craftsy, and especially their sales. Thanks for the info, I added to my stash of awesome classes. Happy Thanksgiving Jen! Hope it is a sparkly day.

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